About me

Hi, my name is Philippe and I’m currently a senior developer in the Business Intelligence department of 1&1, a major German telecommunication company. My daily business primarily involves working with the Microsoft BI stack and also some SAP IQ plus MicroStrategy.

I started my career with a masters degree in conference interpreting, but quickly came back to my IT roots. In fact, I haven’t worked a single second as interpreter. You heard me, not one single second. I’ve translated a bit while I was still at university, but that’s it. I started working for 1&1 as a student and when I finished my studies, I just stayed there. Turned out my boss was happy with my work and given I had always had a thing for Excel and data, I got into a project team as the tech and data guy. Don’t laugh, my first automated reporting system was Microsoft Access plus Excel with PowerPivot. Fast forward two years, I was working with SAP IQ and MicroStrategy, in my opinion still one of the best BI systems out there. Times change and now I’m working with Microsoft SQL server and SSAS tabular.

When I’m not at work or writing here or doing some crazy tests, I’m either playing video games or taking photos. You can see them on my Adobe Page or on my Instagram account @philippe.grohrock. I’m certainly not a pro, but I’m having fun,

My articles in this blog are either challenges I had to overcome myself, or questions that I got from colleagues or in forums. So have fun and don’t hesitate to ask questions.